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Doing our part in health research so you can enjoy a good life! 

Doing our part in molecular health research so you can live a better life!

NanoEngineering is building the next-generation of Virus Screening technology into an easy-to-use, fast and affordable system to rapidly screen, identify and quantify Viruses from complex mixtures.

NanoEngineering (NEC) is focused on viruses and size-based detection of sub-cellular biomolecules.  The RapidDxTM system combines state-of-the-art components to inject samples (Electro-Spray Sample Conditioning) into the Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA) for separation.  The RapidDxTM System enables very fast (5-7 minute) analysis of complex mixtures of sample, with very low consumable costs. 

NEC has partnered with Yale, Edgewood Chem Bio(ECBC), Anchor Innovation, Black Swan and BVS Inc.  in the refinement and final development phases of building the RapidDxTM System. 

NEC is a partner in the formation of the National Pollinator Health Diagnostic Center (NPHDC)- which is focused on Pollinator Species Health. 

The RapidDxTM System is particularly suited for rapid Virus detection- enabling the user to simultaneously detect, ID and quantify all viruses present in a sample matrix (saliva, blood, etc.) in minutes, without the use of expensive reagents or consumables.

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