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Jerome Schmitt, CTO

Mr. Schmitt has a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Aerodynamics/Fluid Mechanics) from Yale University. He is an expert in thin film materials, processes and applications, and an experienced entrepreneur, having previously been involved as an executive in the start-up and growth of two high technology companies: Jet Process Corporation and MicroCoating Technologies.  He is familiar with various aspects of business plan development, project management and the recruitment, development and management of high performance mulch-disciplinary teams.

Charles R. Powell, CEO

Mr. Powell has a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado. He has more than 25 years experience in the Life Science markets with Beckman, Aurora Discovery, Nexus BioSystems and others. Mr. Powell has been involved in numerous start-up Life Science companies from fund-raising to commercial product launch.

Gary Hanlin, Business Development

Mr. Hanlin has over thirty years experience in commercial lease finance and associated management roles in Science and Engineering-centric businesses. Mr Hanlin currently serves as Sales Engineer and Manufacturers Representative for Monroe Engineering, and ADCO Circuits.


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