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Products Overview
The Pump Power and Control Module (PPCM) is an enclosed housing designed for Strength, Safety, Compactness, Thermal Dissipation and EMI Shielding. The PPCM contains all of the RapidDx system control elements including I/O ports for pump control, flow-rate control, DMA Voltage control, the Electro-Spray Module, the Detector and Data Output.  This Module is the heart of the user-controllable elements for the RapidDx system, or other systems using ES-DMA-CPC detection that want a completely contained Electronics Module that enables a GUI to direct the control of all system variables.

NEC is in the final stages of completion of the full RapidDx System, including a Graphical User Interface Software platform that will enable the user to easily control all key elements of the system- thereby affecting optimal separation/resolution of sample species of interest. These variables include- Air Flow Rate, Voltage, Electrospray Sample Introduction Elements, Detector Settings and Data Output and display details.

For pricing and availability of the PPCM please contact Charles Powell at or by direct line +1.406.270.7694.

The PPCM - Pump Power and Control Module.
Pump Mount
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